Why select Dr. Farhan Ullah Khan for your Hijama session?

As everybody is aware of the fact that detoxification is an excellent element of cure,for the mankind. In this modern age of technology and research,science has proved that every ailment and disease begins with a simple error in metabolism leading to accumulation of toxins,these toxins if ignored,eventually results in a diseased body.

Dr. Farhan Ullah Khan with a history of clean and fair practice in the field of allopathy,plus a keen record of performing advanced surgical procedures,did not want to continue with the radical allopathic modalities. He wanted a better future of mankind and therefore,started studying the world of etiologies and metabolic fates. His great concerns lead him to the books of chinese medicine,ayuverda and alhijama-the prophetic medicine. With years of research and online trainings,combined with his allopathic and surgical skills,allowed him to combat a disease with least medical support and let most of the treatment rely upon cupping,acupressure,hijama,dietary modifications,lifestyle changes and religious practices.

His experience varies from treating patients with simple pains to infections,neurological problems,allergies,psychological issues,fertility problems,hormonal imbalances,IBS,liver problems,gastric complains and many stubborn cases,just by alternative medicine and dietary modifications,whereas few patients who lack the willpower and belief to recover without the drugs,are assisted with medicine.

Dr.Farhan’s clinic is certainly The Best Hijama Center in Jauharabad based on the patients’ response. With this tonnes of advantages and promising experience record at the minimal prices,visiting Dr. Farhan Ullah Khan for a healthy future in Pakistan,is a Must.

The knowledge is a treasure and not everyone is blessed to get the most of it. Whenever you find the gifted one,reach him in time or you won’t find a replacement when he is done. Thats all,for a thinking brain and a healthy life,may Allah help the mankind live a better and drugfree healthy life,Aameen!

Avoid drugs,live a healthy natural life by understanding your body’s needs and demands.Respect yourself,your body and your soul.



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