The Reason To Select Hijama / Wet Cupping Therapy

Hijama or wet cupping is one of the most ancient forms of curative therapies. Due to the overwhelming fame gained by Allopathy,the ancient therapies were withdrawn from the societies,making it further easier for Allopathy to rule the world of medicine. The allopathy is basically related to physical body and has no concept of energies and unseen powers acting on our physical body. The alternative fields of medicine mostly,work by dealing with the energies and spiritual aspect of our body and significantly,tuning our spiritual energies and restoring our natural immunity towards the diseases and the health issues. Wet Cupping or Hijama therapy is the most efficient of those techniques because it removes the causative factors plus the negative chemicals our bodies had produced due to the trauma or insult,our energy channels had encountered. Every religion has some sort of information related to wet cupping or bloodletting and thats quite a reason for a sound mind,to try it atleast once in a lifetime.

When I firstly had a session of wet cupping,I realised that The Creator has surely made our body with the best self defence and self restorative capacities,because the single session had removed 80 percent of my complains. I being an Allopathy doctor,was astonished by this adventure that lead me to further research into the matter. It was a long journey of research and hardwork that finally forced me to believe that Allopathy is good for the beings who lack patience and self control. For the rest of humans,alternative medicine is the best option,with zero percent side effects,if dealt by an expert and honest practitioner.

There are many modes of Alternative therapy and the only reason I selected Hijama or wet cupping,is the fact that its results were promising,the areas covered by this therapy with the versatality and accuracy and most importantly it was the quickest and cheapest procedure with the best outcome. Even though,its not a good financial carrier for a practitioner but its the best service a practitioner can deliver to his community.

Indeed,the best of practitioners across the world,are the Hijama practitioners and our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaehe Wasallam) praised this practice. May Allah help every human being,practice the excellent lifestyle,advised by The Last Mesenger of Allah and guide us to the Paradise,Aameen!

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