How It Works / How Is It Performed?

Hijama or Cupping Therapy basically relies upon the concept of suction and drainage,of the harmful pathological factors from the sites concerned.The idea of wet cupping or hijama is explained in different schools of medicine depending on their location like Arabic,Greek,Chinese,Indian,Japanese,Korean,Vietnamese etc but the main concern is that it has been the most selected procedure for stubborn and chronic health problems,ever since.

Previously,it was performed by cups made of different materials and negative pressure was produced within the cup,using fire. Nowadays,it has become much easier and safe by the introduction of vacuum cups and a suction pump. The cups applied at the respected points are stuck by producing vacuum,using the suction pump. After a reasonable time,the local tissues force the pathological factors towards the surface and the skin colour changes depending upon the causative factor. An expert can differentiate between the various colours and proceed accordingly. If the area is meant to be bled,small incisions are made using a disposable surgical blade and the cups are re-applied for 10-15 mins for the static pathological blood,toxins and other substances to ooze out of the skin,into the cups. The cups are then removed and wasted alongwith the surgical blade. The skin is wiped and cleaned with an antiseptic and the patient is free to go. He is mostly advised to change his lifestyle and diet,plus some remedies or medicined may be advised for quick recovery,depending upon the patient’s problem.

This simple procedure has no side effects,only if performed by an expert,qualified and competent practitioner. Always find a qualified Hijama therapist to get it done and stay away from the unqualified,unreliable quacks,as the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W always advised to be treated by a qualified person. May Allah make it easier for the ummah to spread this beautiful and promising sunnah across the world and that,people start practicing Hijama as their first line of treatment,Aameen!

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