Coronavirus/COVID-19 and Hijama Therapy

Coronavirus is a family of viruses which is known to cause a series of inflammatory responses,severing the respiratory function of humans. Covid-19 is the name appointed to virus arising from Wuhan(the first city to install 5g) and has caused a pandemic around the world. The diagnostic kit for this virus is not accurate but the final diagnosis relies on combining test results with the signs and symptoms seen in suspected patients.

Its strange to accept the fact that all the symptoms seen in that patient are attributed to this novel virus,its unfair. The virus only ignites the hypersensitivity,rest of the damage is driven by bacterias,previously lying infections and environmental immunity damaging factors which is a huge list of factors ranging from 5g to refined foods.

The precautions should surely be undertaken to keep the viral load minimum and so is the inflammatory response,but when One is loaded with virus,its nothing to panic about. The earlier is the treatment,simpler is the recovery. The main steps to follow in this pandemic are,staying in a place with least humidity,eating foods with minimum dampness and avoiding artificial oily foods. The sunlight plays a keyrole in your treatment but if your city is covered by chemical trails,as planned by some billionaire goons,you people can get vit. D Supplements and keep your palms and soles warm with fire heat. Secondly,we need to avaoid water intake prior to morning meal,it weakens the immune system by damaging liver heat. Thirdly,we need to avoid extra load of Radiations which may be from microwaves,4g,5g,network antennas and other sources.

Coming to the treatment protocols,alongwith your medical doctors consultation there are few points the patient should also start practicing. First step should be heating the body by using quality grains and cereals,adding sweets and vegetables plus citrusfree fruits to our diet. Secondly,citrus can be added to the diet plus heating the body by external heat. Thirdly,removing the toxins from your body to avoid reappearance of symptoms and thats possible by detoxification. Either herbal medicines can be used for that purpose or you can undergo cupping therapy/Hijama by an expert in your locality.

Hijama has the best properties to remove toxins from a body,whether viral or autoimmune or whatever the cause may be,resulting in cessation of inflammatory responses. But Hijama should be performed at a best hijama center,like by an expert Hijama Therapist only. The points’ selection and amount bled is the key factor for promising results and only an expert has that knowledge and wisdom to target the main areas.

Indeed,in Hijama there is Cure. But combined with,primary prevention,diet and lifestyle modifications,Hijama will give even more efficient results in minimum durations. Consult an expert in your locality and stay safe.

Live healthy,keep praying to Allah,this is just a virus and we need to face the situation wisely.